Composer, sound designer and music producer from Mexico City. I have participated in numerous projects – both in the music and film industries. With a BS in Music Production Engineering at Tec de Monterrey, I have extended my training through various courses including Formalized Score Control at Stanford University and composition/arrangement workshops and courses with mentors like Rosino Serrano, David Lanz, John Nilsen and Tom Grant.

As a film composer, I have worked with directors like Carlos Trujano, Héctor Magaña, Éthan Ávila, Meng Meng and Rafael Lozano. Their works have been present in various international film festivals. In 2019, Hierba Mala by Carlos Trujano was awarded the Audience Award at the Morelia International Film Festival. This same year, I was accepted into the Berlinale Talents 2020 program and in 2020, I won the second runner up award at the Score Live London Film Scoring Contest.

Music Production

I also collaborate with other composers, directors and musicians as a recording and mixing engineer. Some of these include Rosino Serrano, Rubén Luengas, Charles Papasoff, David Lanz, Kristin Amarie and José Luis Esquivel, among others. On the film scoring scene, I have recorded and mixed for films like Apapacho by Marquise Lepage, Chateau Vato by Tom Musca and From Silence by Horacio Romo Mercado. I have recorded and mixed live concerts for artists like Rosino Serrano and Diego Verdaguer. Recently, the album Mitote by the POM (Pasatono Mexican Orchestra), for which I edited and mixed, was released. I also work with different independent music projects as an engineer and producer.

I have assisted and collaborated with other engineers like Roberto de Elías and Kenji Calderón at Star Track Studio during the recording, mixing and mastering of various projects. In 2017, I was awarded the second place award at the AES Latin America Recording Competition with Marco Ribera’s EP Obras de Lecuona, who went on to win the Latin Grammy Foundation Scholarship.

Post production

As a sound designer, I have supervised, designed and mixed for all kind of audiovisual products – film, advertising, VR 360, etc. I have designed for companies like MTV, Colgate, Sanofi, FUD, among others. Directors include Mateo Granillo, Allan Fis, Pablo Camargo, Sasha Duncan and Danielle Crawford. My team’s work was nominated to a Glass Screen Award in 2018 for I wish, I wish by Eduardo Clorio. I also have experience in location sound, having been mixer and boom operator in various shorts, feature films, reality shows and advertisements.

Overall, my immersion in the world of sound and music in various fields makes me versed in the various languages that the entertainment industry demands for music, addressing them through an interdisciplinary approach. I was the Head of the Music Department at VAW Estudio for five years, where I created musical experiences for feature films, short films, podcasts and advertisements

I am currently the film composer and music producer at SONONAUTA, a film scoring and sound design brand of my own creation.

Please check my IMDb profile or my listening room for more information on my work for film and music!

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